4 best freeware of management working group


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The link between work groups or between members of a group in the previous job required a lot of resources and effort. In the recent 10 years, the development of cloud computing technology and data sharing has supported a lot for this particular job.

In particular, this technology helps the management team to work in a very open environment interaction on the available resources and more support to be free in a certain degree.

Here are 4 application management working group is being appreciated both the efficacy, convenience and customization capabilities.

1.   Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a next-generation version include specialized software tools on the management team and teamwork is also known under the name “miniature social networks” or “internal social network.” Imagine if you combine Facebook with Google Docs, Skype, SalesForce, WhatsApp, Wunderlist, SharePoint and Basecamp – and this is the most authentic image to describe everything about Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 became a favorite tool to manage workgroups. There are 3 main reasons the following: firstly this is a version of the software has both free and no one can accuse free at all. This tool has almost the features to serve the purpose of managing the work for a working group to focus. So you do not have to worry that your CRM software cannot connect to Dropbox (archive data online) or other storage services that you are using for the data management of the group. Also, unlike most of the management tools other working groups are now turning to cloud computing methods, Bitrix24 to choose a separate path that is making a self-hosted version comes APIs and open source can help users easily modified and customized according to their own, provided just a skilled and thinking quite programmed in your workgroup.

With a full range of essential features of a work management software such groups – features of an internal social network, with more interactive, file sharing capabilities, incorporates all chat features groups, project management, workflow management, group calendar, document management, CRM (customer management), invoice management, reporting tasks, centralized portal, management HR management, support groups, time tracking, wikis, internal mobile phone, videoconferencing … Bitrix24 really is a perfect tool to serve the management of working groups.

2.    Asana

Asana is a project management software running on a cloud computing platform supports a full range of premium features like Bitrix24, however, they is only focus in project management. Asana offers a free version for Workgroups which does not exceed 15 users. This can be considered as one of the project management tools have a friendly working interface, clear and intuitive as among all other vendors of Project Management software .

3.    MindMeister

Most of the current working groups are less likely to use mind maps (Mind Maps) on the management of the work or project, but if your group is looking for this kind of application, MindMeister is what you need, this is the tool provides users of construction services online mind maps as well as a version for mobile applications. The most amazing feature of MindMeister is the ability to design thinking diagrams, links, action “real time” to allow the working group creation and distribution of interactive visual plan. The free version of MindMeister only allows users to create a mind map are 03 or interactive diagrams serve business goals.

4.    FreshDesk

FreshDesk is a copy of Zendesk – a service specialized software used to manage auxiliary tasks for workgroups. Perhaps the only reason enough to be able to explain to this question that is Zendesk not provide any of the free version, while FreshDesk support 1 free version for workgroups with up to 3 members connected. And a further outstanding advantages of this software, it has been built to support the skills of professional, support forum troubleshooting questions. And lot of other features to help provide support services and attentive customer care, most enthusiastically


8 good features in iOS 9



 1. Battery saving mode

Apple adds Low Power Mode helps facilities reduce energy consumption when the battery level drops to alarming levels. However, the machine cannot operate normally when visual effects turned off, automatically push mail feature, disable the application runs in the background and does not automatically load applications.


  1. Details battery consuming applicationsBattery in the Settings section provides detailed battery users as% of each app, the app running in the background. Thereby, users grasp the machine causes fast running out of power and have a “handle”.

    3. Hide Images

    There are many private photos inside the device and you do not want to share those images to anyone. Access Photos mode, select Sharing and Hide image.

    4. Select multiple photos at once

    Instead of having to click on each picture, you can select multiple photos at once by swipe. Before stroking, pressing the Select and choose an image any before.

    5. Zoom video is playing

    For video playback, you can intervene by swipe gestures to zoom.

    6. Change video resolution

    For the first time Apple allowed the resolution selected when shooting video on the iPhone, iPad with three modes is 720p, 1080p 30fps, 1080p with 60fps.

    7. Attach multiple file formats in email

    8 On iOS, you can only attach photos or video. However, in the foundation of Apple’s new operating system, the Add Attachment function allows selecting all file formats.

    8. Switch view full web interface

    Many sites only let you view mobile mode to reduce capacity, and faster page loads. In iOS 9, users may require a full regime of one site, by holding the refresh button to display the function switch to Desktop Site.

Instagram hit 400 million users, and 40 billion photos shared


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Instagram announced their milestone on its main website. Currently the owner of Instagram is the largest social network Facebook planets.

According to Instagram, 75% of users of its services to the US from abroad. Of the 100 million new users joined Instagram, with over 50% coming from Europe and Asia.

Online photo sharing said each day has 80 million images are uploaded to Instagram, and there are 3.5 billion passengers like. Total Instagram has 40 billion photos shared on its service.

Instagram hitting 300 million users in December last year. With 400 million member milestone use, Instagram has surpassed Twitter profile with 316 million monthly active users. Instagram also far beyond the site Pinterest has reached the threshold of 100 million users.


In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram started with $ 1 billion in both cash and shares. Until this time, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of a huge number of users. Facebook has spent $ 19 billion acquisition of the messaging service WhatsApp has 900 million users, and the company has 700 million users, Facebook Messenger messaging service.

For advertising revenues, current Instagram still not provide revenue for Facebook. EMarketer predicts researchers will collect about 595 Instagram million from money on mobile advertising this year. By 2016, this figure will be 1.48 billion and 2.81 billion dollars in 2017 – ie 10% of advertising revenue from Facebook.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company would not emphasize Messenger or WhatsApp business with. Facebook will start campaigns “payback” in many ways on its products reaching the threshold of 1 billion users.

Facebook video support unique 360-degree viewing angle



Facebook said the new feature currently supports Facebook, as well as web-based Facebook app on the Android platform, whereas the iOS users will have to wait another few months, the new features are appearing.

The video has a 360 degree viewing angle would have to be done by the special camera system, such GoPro Oddyssey, with video recording capabilities around 360 degrees of a landscape at once, then handle the content together to create a panoramic video can change the viewing angle.

“This means that when a video was viewed on Facebook, users can choose the angle you want,” technical director of Facebook Video Maher Saba said.

When viewing a web-based video 360 degrees, the user can change the viewing angle on the video using the mouse to drag the contents of the video, whereas with Facebook on Android, users can use your finger to drag and changing perspective on video, or may change the angle of smartphone camera handling to change the angle of view (with smartphone that supports gyroscope).


“In the future, imagine you can see panoramic video a small village in France or a festival in Brazil, you can see and get experiences like I was really there,” said Saba.

Facebook said the new features are still in the development stage and finishing, but this is enough to help users to explore the world through the videos in a whole new way and special.

New features of Facebook was launched shortly after the beginning of this month, said Facebook is developing a virtual application that allows users to view 360-degree video on smartphones. This move shows that Facebook is investing heavily to bring the user experience to virtual reality on its products. Earlier last year, the social network has paid out $ 2 billion to buy the maker of virtual reality glasses VR oculus.

New Samsung office at Silicon Valey


Samsung has just inaugurated a building of around 93,000 m2 office in the city of San Jose, in the Silicon Valley, only Apple’s headquarters about 19 km. Samsung’s move to increase its presence in places considered “capital” of the world of technology.

Office building $ 300 million worth of Samsung located in the north central area of ​​the city of San Jose. This office is Samsung used to research and development, and business operations for the semiconductor division, which competes with Apple, Nvidia and other competitors. Currently Samsung is the largest memory manufacturers in the world and is the maker of processors 2nd largest in the world, second only to Intel.


Works by the company famous architect NBBJ designed on an area of ​​93.000m2, only Apple’s headquarters about 19 km. The building has 10 floors of office space, and 9 floors are garage parking. Green area of ​​trees was designed in alternation in office buildings.

Samsung started work on an office building in Silicon Valley since mid 2013. This office will accommodate more than 700 employees, and can lift up to 2,000 people.

The opening of this new office shows that Samsung is trying to increase its presence in Silicon Valley, which is the heart of the world of technology, and the backyard of rival Apple. However, this is not Samsung’s first office in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company has racing action research, build and monitor business division and semiconductor here over 30 years ago. But Samsung is stepping up its activities in this area in recent years. The Samsung opened offices here can see the leading technology companies in the world would have access to talented engineers, and have the opportunity to meet with venture investors, businesses, partners and the start-up companies can innovate for the areas that Samsung has no strength, such as software and services.

Curved screen TV continues to dominate trends


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With the advantages of perspective, new experience in quality, unique design and number of products rich, curved TV screen will still be the choice of the majority of customers in the future.

The trend was confirmed

In early 2014, Samsung shock in the technology field when commercialized first curved TV screens in worldwide. However at that time many people still skeptical about the success of this new product category. Less than a year later, the decision of the South Korean manufacturer has been confirmed by a series of curved screen model into other massively present in the market, accompanied by screen race of brands Samsung, TCL, LG … while powerhouse Samsung has always demonstrated bravery “big” in the race is fierce.

According to a recent study, TV screen growth curve has quadrupled from 2014 to 2015, whereas the overall market grew only 17% in the same period. This demonstrates the attraction of demand TV is huge curved screen. Samsung has continued to show that when the leading manufacturer pioneer in the field of TV screens and curved UHD TV market leader with an impressive 60% market share, although this time the playing field had far many other manufacturers.

At CES 2015 technology are reputable affirmed curved screen TV will be the trend this year and continue blooming future. Even since 2014, Samsung also created surprise with bendable sample size 105-inch UHD can move from state to state plane extremely nicely curved.

Many advantages compared with traditional TV

Users require increasing the value of experience, so curved screen TV is the inevitable trend to satisfy this demand. Curved screen provides surround visual experience with wider viewing angles, give the viewer “immersed” in the animated scene and realistic.

In fact, curved screen brings TV viewing distance uniformity, angle panoramic and widescreen feel than flat. That explains why many modern cinemas were put to use curved screen to increase the feeling of living in the footage shown.


Moreover, the visual experience is also improved significantly as Samsung successfully integrated series of advanced technologies in leading product lines curved screen. Most important to mention AutodepthEnhencer technology enhances image depth by tweaking the contrast levels on different content areas and bring the entertainment experience perfectly.

Momentum 2 headset review- beautiful, impressive sound



Sennheiser continues assertion may sound or appear on beautifully designed headsets, though this product has a high price.

After three years, Sennheiser launched Momentum Generation 2 includes a series of improvements over its predecessor. Producer with 70 years’ experience has made adjustments to the headphones enhance mobility, brings comfort to the user and more vivid experience.

The design

Senior and elegance are the first comments about the appearance of the Momentum version. This has emerged from the first generation with the headband path characteristics like leather but is this the only way to “run” more prominent color. On the underside, manufacturers are meticulously wrapped padding to increase the feeling of comfort for the listener.

Running out leather parts are sturdy metal frame, are exquisitely crafted. This is also a significant difference on the user Momentum 2 retractable headset again. Senior product represented by each joint and component details.

Experience excitement when headphones fashion model but have good sound quality from the first generation makes Momentum enjoy Momentum 2 become stricter, but also exciting. The smooth, detail and soundstage rather than a closed-end headphones are well represented on the new product.

Start with Time to Say Goodbye by Andrea Bocelli and soprano represents Sarah Brightman, Momentum 2 sounded clear with Italian melodies intertwined than sweet. The song also was the test to show the headset of the orchestra majestic, soaring vocals as nightingale, sometimes murmuring as the streams of England diva.
Bass neat, with force but not overwhelm the other bands is that Momentum 2 points more than the previous version and also a bit higher than the other closed-end headphones segment. Wake Me UpAviciiis part of this proof, with a mix of electronic dance music and country.

Smooth sound quality, Sennheiser balance shown on the Momentum 2 may cause basshead shortfalls. The goal toward which this headset is close to natural sound, will hardly reach the level of audiophile to enjoy, but the price is well within reach. To improve, Momentum 2 should be combined with quality sources, although this headset low impedance and is designed for listening on mobile demand.

On the label, said Sennheiser headphones joystick used to play music with the Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Testing practice shows, Momentum 2 also compatible with many other Android model. Meanwhile, with the iPhone, the button does not work properly function, but still can stop, play and skip.


Momentum 2 continue to do well as headsets fashion without losing the characteristic sound of Sennheiser. Good quality finishing, using premium materials for a feeling of durability, inside is the ability to show more honesty and complete the first generation.

Falkland Islands, A Small But Beautiful Country



Discover Wild Life On The Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are administered as a British crown colony with the capital at Stanley.

There are two main islands, West and East Falkland and hundreds of smaller ones.

Sparsely populated, it was estimated two years ago, that there were about 2,967 inhabitants living on the Islands.


One thing that one can say is that there are more sheep than people living on the Islands.

Race to find new oil fields goes extreme

When the LeivEiriksson, a rig built to hunt for oil beneath 10,000 feet of water in the world’s roughest seas, finishes drilling a well off Greenland’s west coast next month, it will sail for its next job – a prospect 9,000 miles away, south of the Falkland Islands.

Wildlife Abounds On The Islands

This remote archipelago is one of the world’s most prestigious wildlife destinations.

Here, you will be able to watch whales and dolphins,penguins and a host of wild birds.

Falkland Islands Main Exports

Wool is the main export of the Falkland Islands. The Islands have more than 500,000 sheep producing millions of kilograms of white and soft wool a year.

That’s the reason there are so many local textile crafts like knitting and weaving. And also spinning, dyeing, and felting.

Squid is the most important catch.

A Few Facts About Falkland Islands

The natural resources are fish, squid, wildlife, calcified seaweed, and sphagnum moss.

The industries are mostly fish and wool processing, and tourism.

The population is fully employed, believe it or not. It’s not often that one sees a situation like this.

The Islanders enjoy a surplus in exports.

Review LG G4 – camera smartphone


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Camera is the biggest advantage of the new LG G4 smartphone, the lens aperture F / 1.8, professional shooting modes, excellent image quality.

The advantage of the product is the anti-vibration lens OIS 2.0 new generation multi-dimensional, professional photography modes with good interface, supports RAW shooting, the exposure of 30 seconds comes with large aperture lenses in f / 1.8. A. LG can convince people like to take pictures on the phone’s display screen G4 truth than Galaxy S6.

With the camera, photos in bright light, the image quality is not inferior to LG G4 many tourist cameras. Detail from 16 Megapixel sensor pretty well. Even when enlarged, the detail shows up quite sharp, color blue but not pushed up more than reality. Most important point on G4’s ability to shoot in low light conditions. Although pixel size only passable, capable of handling very good noise. At the midrange as about ISO 800, the image is very little interference detection, smart little thing done.

Differentiation and personality is characterized by the appearance of G4. While monolithic style using metal or glass material is trend of many companies, LG went backwards. Remember the Optimus G’s first life was as monolithic with back behind the glass surface but to G3 and G4 later, the company returned to remove the lid back style familiar.


Manufacturers pursue is the user can replace the battery when necessary, to change the back cover new phone if desired. But as a result, feeling not very impressive G4 sturdy and sure as the monolithic device. Plastic back cover and curved to hug many hands, but little creaking in the lower camera when shooting strong hand or grip.

When handling, LG G4 brings back skin feeling smooth and comfortable, and also make hand rather muddy ordinary plastic or metal and glass. The skin is very thin and the back cover is made of cowhide, using the method of coating plant allows against water, moisture, sweat …

Of course, real leather, so they will work hard to avoid at 4 corners worn by time, place under contact and friction. The stiches floating on the back looks beautiful, eye-catching accent but dust and dirt will be easier after a while if not keep.

Considering a whole, with the followers of LG, G4 is really worth the upgrade G2 and G3 money. This is also a smartphone has the best camera subject on the market today that people like taking pictures with mobile phone difficult to ignore.On G4, the system smoothly and keys handy. If twinkling sound down key 2 times, the camera will immediately trigger, capture and shooting stroke within 1 to 2 seconds. Also flashing 2 times the volume keys up above, application notes will appear.

LG continues to arrange the familiar hard keys, power key and volume keys, completely on the back instead of the traditional borders.

Come And Visit The Islands of Turks and Caicos



Small Islands But Sunny And So Beautiful

The Turks and Caicos Islands are situated South East of the Bahamas and are under the United Kingdom government.

Out of the about 30 islands, only 6 are populated. The populations is very small, approximatively 21,000 people.

The capital of those gorgeous islands is Cockbrun Town on Grand Turks.

The Islands are doing very well with the tourism industry and offfshore financial services.

Their main exports are lobster and conch.

The wonderful sun, tranquil and sandy beaches and turquoise water is attracting more and more tourists year after year.


Miles of cream-coloured beach, postcard turquoise seas and a lightly beaten tourist trail: this is Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, and I its resident for one happy week. Content to work hard at the business of doing not much at all, the “Provo” tempo suited me fine. As Caribbean holidays go – and I’ve been blessed with a few of them – this one was an easy pleasure.

The Turks and Caicos Islands are about 900 kilometres southeast of Miami, due east of Cuba, north of and sheltered by the island of Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic). Its 40 islands and cays climb out of the Atlantic Ocean – just low-lying clumps really – at the southernmost tip of the Bahamian chain. So technically, the TCI are not part of the Caribbean – though no one seems to pay that much mind.